Membership Application

Membership eligibility as stated in the Bylaws (Article III, Section 2) “Any person shall be eligible for membership who is of good character, reputation, a registered voter, and demonstrates an interest in the affairs of the government and the political process by active participation, support or involvement.”

Membership Dues Schedule:

(Annual Dues are calendar year/prorated – Memberships are paid through the end of 2014)

  • $180 Individual Member Dues
  • $480 Corporate Dues (up to 5 attend)
  • $960 Sponsor Dues (10 or more)
  • $25   Member lunch ticket ($35 at door) 
  • $35 non-member guest ($45 at door)


Regular Meeting Times & Place

Our monthly meetings are normally luncheon meetings held each month in the south Palm Beach, north Broward area. The dates may fluctuate in order to accommodate an excellent array of speakers for our members. Check our website or with our administrative offices for more detail.

Prospective members are welcome to attend any meeting as our guest to see what Gold Coast Tiger Bay Club is all about ($35 non-member rate, $45 at door ).

  • $25  Member lunch ticket ($35 at door)
  • $35 non-member guest ($45 at door)

Click Here To Attend A Luncheon